Volufixion 2023, a Music Festival



Project Lead


~ 3 weeks (30 hours)

Software Used:

Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

Project Details

Volufixion is an electronic music festival that features many music artists. Crafting comprehensive design package to promote the festival, starting from logos to posters, badges, merchandise, and social media posts. Harmonizing the brand identity with the music style.

Project Goals

Improving organizational skills and ensuring consistency across the entire festival brand, including layouts, colors, and typography. Exploring and implementing diverse grid systems across various mediums while retaining uniform content.

Volufixion color palette and fonts

For the brand to be unified and follow the same structure, there needs to be a color palette and fonts that should be used to maintain consistency and unity.

Volufixions logo color combinations (do and don's)

Logo color usage also need to be addressed to avoid any misused or unwanted combinations. Out of all the colors above, these are the color combinations that are recommended to use and not recommended.

Volufixion mockup as Instagram posts, featuring Zedd, Calvin Harris, and Steve Aoki Volufixion badges for VIP, DJ, and Staff in pink, yellow, and blue color Volufixion posters and its line ups of music artists Volufixion map pamphlet featuring the stages and its legends Volufixion schedule pamphlet featuring the artists and their showtimes Volufixion branded flask


What I learned

At the beginning of the project, I made a mistake by not keeping the style consistent. Fortunately, I quickly fixed this by revisiting the main style and create an element that could be applied across different mediums. Finding a flexible element and colors helps maintain brand consistency, cohesion and unity.

What could be improved

The main logo could be significantly improved and aligned using a grid layout. I have also considered making a secondary logo to be used in a vertical layout. This leads to the idea of creating a brand guideline that others can use. More poster variations can also bring different type of audience.

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